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Visual Studio 2017 Extension development tutorial, Part 4: Show a popup Window

Tutorial Table of Contents:

Part 1: Introduction to VS extensibility
Part 2: Add Menu Item
Part 3: Add command to context menu and get selected code
Part 5: Highlight code in Editor
part 6: Follow a span of code with TrackingSpan

During the tutorial we are going to build a VS extensions called CodyDocs and place it on GitHub. Each tutorial part is a standalone tutorial on a specific topic and can be viewed individually. CodyDocs will save code documentation in a separate file and the extension will allow to view and edit the documentation in the editor itself.

Part 4: Show a popup Window

In the previous part we created a Command that appears in the code editor’s context menu.

Let’s place our logic to run on our command’s callback:

ShowAddDocumentationWindow is the only line relevant to this part of the tutorial.

To show our own custom popup window, Microsoft recommends using DialogWindow, which is what we will do. This is a WPF window which allows you to act as a modal dialog. Which means the popup blocks the rest of Visual Studio UI until closed.

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