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Visual Studio 2017 Extension development tutorial part 6: Follow a span of code with TrackingSpan

Tutorial Table of Contents:

Part 1: Introduction to VS extensibility
Part 2: Add Menu Item
Part 3: Add command to context menu and get selected code
Part 4: Show a popup Window
Part 5: Highlight code in Editor

During the tutorial we are going to build a VS extensions called CodyDocs and place it on GitHub. Each tutorial part is a standalone tutorial on a specific topic and can be viewed individually. CodyDocs will save code documentation (code comments) in a separate file and the extension will allow to view and edit the documentation in the editor itself.

Part 6: Follow a span of code with TrackingSpan

In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to follow (track) code range (aka Span) in Visual Studio’s code editor. By tracking code span, I mean being able to follow the location of a specific code span, while the user edits the document.

For example, in our case, say we added documentation to a certain method MyMethod, which was in row 20 and column 1-12. This documentation was serialized to a file. Now, the user added some code and MyMethod is no longer in row 20. It’s now in row 30.

We’ll see how to “mark” the initial code span in row 20 and find out the new location when the document changes.

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