About Michael Shpilt

Hi , and welcome to my blog. My name is Michael Shpilt, I’m a consultant at CodeValue and a developer at OzCode.

I live in Israel, which is middle east’s silicon valley of sorts. I’ve been programming since 13 years old, falling in love with Basic. This is around the time I became addicted to video games and decided I’m gonna be a video game developer. Long story short, I ended up developing WPF desktop applications. Much like video games, just slightly less interesting.


I’ve been coding in .NET and specifically WPF applications most of my career, but I’ve also done a lot of work in C++ and Java. In the past year or so I’ve transitioned from Desktop to Web, working as a Full-Stack developer.

Work Places

Right now, I’m working in OzCode, developing an awesome debugging extension for Visual Studio and working with some very smart people. Before that, I worked as Tech Lead in Cellebrite, leading a team of 6 developers on a monstrous WPF application.

My Blog

My Blog proved to be a lot of fun. It’s a lot like role playing game, where you measure levels by the number of posts, visitors and comments. Writing a Blog is lot of hard work though. Research is required for almost every post and the editing process can be endless. But it’s all worth it because once I research a topic and then explain it in writing, I often find out that I understand it!


Besides programming, I also like coffee, rock climbing, computer games and watching TV series.

You can reach me at michaels9876@gmail.com or on Twitter at @MichaelShpilt.