My name is Michael Shpilt, welcome to my blog!

I’m a software developer, 33 years old and live in Israel. I’ve been programming since I was 13 years old and working professionally for over 5 years now. I was lucky to experience a variety of companies and coding challenges in that period. Programming both in small and large companies, doing projects completely on my own from scratch and collaborating with a big team.

Lately I’ve been working as Tech Lead in Cellebrite , leading a team of 6 developers on a monstrous WPF application

I have experience with .NET WPF & WinForms applications, C++, C++/CLI, Android, Asp.NET Core and Web front end.

I created this blog because I feel I’ve learned a lot and I want to share my knowledge with the community. Besides, the best way to learn something is by trying explaining it.

My beliefs

I very much agree with uncle Bob Martin’s speech on software developer’s professionalism.
I’m always trying to be a better professional, working hard and learning all the time.

I also think that in software, a perfect solution to a problem is reachable. There is right and wrong in design choices and usually the “right” is usually just 1-2 ways of doing things. Whereas the wrong can be infinite.

If you’re working with me, you’ll know I’m very serious and demanding when it comes to code. But not just of you. First of all, from myself.