9 Steps to Master the Keyboard and Become an Ultra Efficient Software Developer

I don’t know about you, but I hate using the mouse. The entire concept of a mouse is not productive. I’m supposed to move my hand to a different place, nudge something with accuracy, and click a button. I’m getting tired just thinking about it. I’d argue that unless you’re doing design or graphics, you can get by with just a keyboard. Most certainly as a software developer. Well, an occasional mouse contact might be required to browse a website and whatnot, but you’ll be better off without it for most things.

Making your Idea Happen with a Proof of Concept (in software development)

Disclaimer: This blog post was written by a human, with no AI-generated text Have you ever considered the concept of the proof of concept? I bet you’ve been asked more than once in your career to prove something works before committing fully. It could have been anything - a change in UI, a performance optimization, or a new feature. The underlying contract is that if you prove the concept works, you’ll get the resources to develop the new thing.

9 Best Practices to Safely Deploy and Keep Your Application Healthy at Scale

Disclaimer: This blog post was written by a human, with no AI-generated text. An application’s code base is a living entity. It keeps growing, changing, and adapting. There’s always a new feature to add, more bugs to solve, and new bugs that are created as a result. As the teams grow, the code changes more often and there are ever more features, more issues, and more bugs. Thorough manual testing becomes impossible the bigger your application gets and as you ship more frequently.

My Christmas Wish List from Visual Studio and the C# Build System

We have a pretty great ecosystem for C# and .NET. We have amazing IDEs like Visual Studio, a fast runtime, good troubleshooting tools, etc. But I think we can do much better. I think the .NET ecosystem can be somewhat inspired by the development process in JavaScript and TypeScript projects. I’m talking about Visual Studio, MSBuild, and the .NET SDK being a closed ecosystem, whereas in JavaScript there’s an open ecosystem that enables amazing extensibility by the community.

6 Productivity Shortcuts on Windows 10 & 11 I wish I knew as a Junior Software Developer

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with shortcuts. I’m much more productive when using just the keyboard, and having to use the mouse annoys me deeply. Over the years, I’ve learned many useful shortcuts that increase productivity. Many of them are for IDEs or other apps, but some of the best shortcuts are part of the operating system itself. Today we’ll cover 6 amazing shortcuts in Windows 10 and 11 that transformed the way I work and can make you much more productive.

Productivity Boost After Porting from WordPress to Static Site Generation

After 6 years of hosting my blog in WordPress, I ported it to Hugo, a static site generator. I used to be a big WordPress believer. I’d tell anyone who wished to hear, and many who didn’t, that WP was the answer to everything. Whether you’re building a personal blog, an e-commerce site, or a portfolio showcase. That belief was crumbling for the last few years up to the point I turned almost 180 degrees.

Maximizing the power of logs as your application scales

Logs can provide much more than debugging and troubleshooting for your application. Read more to see how logs can be used for metrics, alerts, experiments, and more.

How I Self-Published a Programming Book and Lived to Tell About It

About a month ago I released my first book. Besides the actual writing, there are a ton of things involved in publishing a book. There’s the book cover, editing, book formatting, publishing to a marketplace, creating a landing page, and promoting the book. I’ll tell you how I did all those things for better or worse.

5 Productivity Tips in Visual Studio That You Should Know

If you're like me, then you're addicted to productivity tools. That's one of the reasons why I love Visual Studio—it has an endless amount of productivity tricks. This post is going to show five such tricks that help in my work every day.