After a relatively short time looking for a job, I joined my a new company: CodeValue .
Specifically, I’m working on the OzCode project (which is awesome).
But a bit later on that… First let me tell you a bit about my job hunt experience.

Started looking for a job

I got my CV ready and very hesitantly started to apply for some jobs. If you ever tried looking for a software job in Israel you probably know that almost all jobs are posted through personnel companies, and applying for one job means your CV will end up everywhere. Get your phone ready, it will be ringing all day,..

I started getting phone calls and pretty soon got called to interviews. I went through 6 different companies and about 20 interviews total. I had to miss so much work, what a mess…

The Interviews

I really enjoyed the technical interviews and I learned a lot from them. Mostly, I learned how professional is the team leader I am about to work with, and whether I have something to learn. One of the reasons I ended up in CodeValue is because I was impressed from my interviewer’s questions.

The HR interviews were more challenging. I always did say that people are harder than code. But, as long as I didn’t say something stupid like that I like to argue or that I always need to get my way, I was alright.

Then, there are interviews with the higher up managers. Group leaders, VP’s and CEO’s. I was doing more listening than talking on those. Smiling and nodding in the right places. They are important though because I think they are the best chance to ask questions and understand the type of company you are getting into.

Yours truly didn’t disappoint. I passed all of the interviews, but continued the process with only 2 companies until finally signing with CodeValue.


OzCode is one of those gems that are truly awesome, but little known. It’s an extension for Visual Studio that helps debugging C#.

I won’t go into the features, but go to the website and see for yourself.

So after a very long time in Cellebrite, a relatively big company, I am going through the startup experience now. We’re basically 2 developers and the CTO.
This is all so strange. For example, yesterday, someone came up with a new idea. We discussed it, defined it, brainstormed and added it to the development queue. I’d say it was about a 3 minute process,

Wait… No meetings? No product department? No release manager? No effort estimations from QA?
Am I being punked… ?

Anyway, enough about me. I hope to start posting on more important things again soon. Like C# or WPF.

Until then, have a great day and go write some code!