My Christmas Wish List from Visual Studio and the C# Build System

We have a pretty great ecosystem for C# and .NET. We have amazing IDEs like Visual Studio, a fast runtime, good troubleshooting tools, etc. But I think we can do much better. I think the .NET ecosystem can be somewhat inspired by the development process in JavaScript and TypeScript projects. I’m talking about Visual Studio, MSBuild, and the .NET SDK being a closed ecosystem, whereas in JavaScript there’s an open ecosystem that enables amazing extensibility by the community.

7 Reasons for Startups to Choose ASP.NET Over Node.js

Node.js is probably the most popular backend technology in the industry. Companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, Uber, and many others use Node.js as their primary server technology or combine it with other languages. It has a lot of things going for it like a huge community, a great ecosystem, and it uses the same language in the front end and back end. Since C# and .NET are my main programming languages, I’m trying to figure out if I’m using an underrated technology or if the market trend has a point.

8 reasons startups prefer Node.js over .NET, and are they justified?

I’ve been a .NET software developer for my entire career, and I love it. I love the C# language, the productivity of the platform, and the ecosystem. But I’ve been dealing with an existential crisis for years now. I see how companies, especially startups, don’t seem to choose .NET as their platform of choice. That role seems to be reserved to Node.js in recent years [1] [2] [3]. Over the last few years, I got to work with Node.

6 Productivity Shortcuts on Windows 10 & 11 I wish I knew as a Junior Software Developer

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with shortcuts. I’m much more productive when using just the keyboard, and having to use the mouse annoys me deeply. Over the years, I’ve learned many useful shortcuts that increase productivity. Many of them are for IDEs or other apps, but some of the best shortcuts are part of the operating system itself. Today we’ll cover 6 amazing shortcuts in Windows 10 and 11 that transformed the way I work and can make you much more productive.

Azure Virtual Machines vs App Services

Azure Virtual Machines and App Services are the two basic pillars of Azure cloud services. Both offerings provide a way for you to execute workloads or host your server in the cloud. In both, you pay for some virtual machine in an Azure data center that runs your code. But that’s where the similarities end. One is bare bones infrastructure, whereas the other is a managed platform. One is customizable but hard to manage, whereas the other requires forces you to use the specific tooling and configuration Azure offers.

Productivity Boost After Porting from WordPress to Static Site Generation

After 6 years of hosting my blog in WordPress, I ported it to Hugo, a static site generator. I used to be a big WordPress believer. I’d tell anyone who wished to hear, and many who didn’t, that WP was the answer to everything. Whether you’re building a personal blog, an e-commerce site, or a portfolio showcase. That belief was crumbling for the last few years up to the point I turned almost 180 degrees.

The Best C# .NET Web Application Tech Stack: Deploying to Azure

We’re continuing our journey to go over the best modern web technologies by Microsoft for building a web application, and now it’s time to actually have your app make its way to the internet. We’ll see many Azure offerings, what they support, their pros and cons, and when one is better than the other.

The Best C# .NET Web Application Tech Stack: Choosing The Back End

Did you notice that Microsoft announces a new and amazing web framework each year? As the years go by, we get more and more technologies. It's getting hard to keep track of them. In this article series, we'll go over all the ways to build a web application using Microsoft technologies and try to make some order in the mess.

The Best C# .NET Web Application Tech Stack: Choosing The Front End

There are so many different ways to create a web application today, it's staggering. In this post, we'll try to make some semblance of order. We'll go over the most popular technology choices in each layer of web application development, and see their pros and cons. That includes the client-side tech, the backend server, the ways to deploy to Azure, the CI/CD pipeline, the database, and the login mechanism.